Trying to Find the Leak

I recently noticed that I had some mold growing in my basement.  Obviously, I wanted to get rid of the mold as quickly as possible, but if I just got rid of the mold without taking care of the root cause of the issue, the mold would just grow back.  There was obviously some sort of plumbing leak in my basement, and so I began looking for a company that could provide me with plumbing leak detection service tampa so that we could figure out where the leak was and get it taken care of.  Obviously, you can’t fix the leak until you find it, and you will not fully take care of your mold problem unless you fix the leak.

I researched a number of different local plumbers in the area in order to see if I could find one that would be able to come out when I needed to and get the job done right the first time.  In order to find this company, I decided to read what people were saying on the internet in regards to many of the local plumbers.  A couple of them seemed to have issues with showing up on time, and I have a busy schedule, so I definitely did not want to have to deal with that.  Finally, after researching quite a bit, I found a company with an excellent reputation for fast and friendly service.  They also gave me a quote that seemed to be relatively low.

Well, they came out and detected my leak, then went ahead and patched it up.  I have also gone ahead and removed the mold from my basement, so now I do not have any worries when it comes to leaky plumbing or the health of my family.